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The Best Music From 311

A decade after their debut LP, Music, Nebraska-born 311 remains one of the most successful cult bands in America. This band mixes hard rock, funk, rap and reggae into a potent musical cocktail.

The band was founded in 1988 with vocalist Nick Hexum, bassist Aaron “P-Nut” Wills, and drummer Chad Sexton. They added guitarist Jim Watson and later Doug “SA” Martinez to their lineup.

Don’t Stay Home

28 years ago this summer, five ganja-toking Nebraska stoners dropped their first album, 311. The self-titled effort was the band’s breakthrough release and it catapulted the group to success with mainstream radio airplay. It spawned three more albums, including the crowdfunded Stereolithic three years later and the energetic Mosaic in 2019 and, most importantly, gave the band their iconic message of positivity and empowerment.

With its infectious blend of rock, reggae, and rap, the song “Don’t Stay Home” carries a powerful message about personal growth and breaking free from one’s comfort zone. The band’s desire to expand their horizons and experience life in all its many forms serves as an inspirational message for listeners of all ages.

The song’s well-harmonized melody is also arguably the most accessible in the band’s catalog, featuring one of Nick Hexum’s best (and simplest!) guitar leads. In a musical world where most songs sound so complex that they’re impossible to interpret and understand, “Don’t Stay Home” is easy for anyone to grasp.

All Mixed Up

When five musical misfits from Omaha, Nebraska decided to join forces, they had one goal in mind: make music that would blow minds and shake booties. They succeeded in both. The band 311 tosses genres like rock, reggae, funk and rap into a blender and hits the “puree” button. The result is a potent music cocktail that has fans going wild for decades.

As a result, the band’s 1993 debut album, Music, still has energy to spare 30 years later. The songs in the album explore themes like relationships, self-reflection and life’s complexities. They continue to resonate with listeners due to their relatability. The chugging distortion of the guitars is complemented by the funky rhymes of frontman Nick Hexum and rapper SA Martinez, which creates a sonic masterpiece. The song All Mixed Up is a prime example of the band’s signature sound. The track is both uplifting and danceable, a perfect combination of sounds that appeal to a wide variety of music lovers.

Beautiful Disaster

Despite being one of 311’s most popular songs, Beautiful Disaster has a lot more to it than meets the eye. The song is about the narrator’s attempts to cut toxic people out of their life. It’s a reminder that you can’t always trust people to be honest, even if they claim to be.

The band 311 combines hard rock, reggae, funk, and rap into a potent musical cocktail. This unique mix of styles has made the band one of the most explosive and experimental bands in the music industry today.

Nick Hexum, SA Martinez, Tim Mahoney, Aaron “P-Nut” Wills and Chad Sexton all come from different musical backgrounds, but they’re united by their shared passion for music. Their fearless fusion of genres has inspired countless musicians to break free from convention and embrace their own unique sounds. It’s no wonder that they have left such a profound impact on the world of rock. With the release of their new album, VOYAGER, 311 is poised to make an even bigger splash in the music industry.

Love Song

With a song like Love Song, 311 has made an impact on music that transcends the band’s ’90s heyday. Its lyrics reflect the rollercoaster emotions of love, allowing listeners to connect with it on a deeper level.

In addition to its universal theme, the song is also a hit with music 311 fans due to its catchy melody and lyrics. This has fueled its popularity over the years and made it one of the band’s most popular songs to date.

Nick Hexum and Tim Mahoney take their guitars for a spin and give us a tutorial of how to play Love Song. It’s a rare moment where the band’s rapping and melodic styles come together to create one cohesive groove that doesn’t break apart after every tasty lick or pleasurable harmony is heard. The band’s 13th album, VOYAGER is set to drop July 12th and features a few melodic summer anthems like this. You can pre-order it now to win prizes from the band, such as tickets, meet & greet passes, handwritten lyrics and more!

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