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The Band 311

The band 311 blends hard-rock, funk and rap into a potent music cocktail. They’ve toured with acts as diverse as the English Beat and rap heavyweights Snoop Dogg.

After their first cd, Music, was released with little fanfare in 1993, Capricorn signed them and sent them on tour. They’ve been going nonstop ever since – thanks to their massive grassroots following.

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The band 311 formed in 1988 in Omaha, Nebraska. The genre-fusing stoners elude easy categorization, having toured with ska icons the English Beat and rap legend Snoop Dogg and recorded singles ranging from chugging hard rock (“Beautiful Disaster”) to playful hip-hop (“All Mixed Up”).

After releasing their self-titled debut, 311 honed their sound on an extensive tour before signing with Capricorn Records. They partnered with producer Eddy Offord for their official debut, 1993’s Music. Described as “the heaviest 311 has ever been,” the album featured the hit single “Do You Right.”

In 2009, 311 re-teamed with Rock for their tenth LP Uplifter. It featured a number of hits and a reggae cover of the Cure’s song “Love Song.”

In 2015, 311 returned to the road for spring and summer tours. The year also saw the band host their second Caribbean Festival Cruise on the Carnival Destiny and an epic 3-11 Day show in New Orleans that sold out a massive arena and helped the group play in all 50 states!


Founded in the late ’80s in Omaha, Nebraska, 311 has been a band nearly three decades, and has been an almost-constant touring act, selling out summer arenas and building a massive grassroots fanbase. Despite being associated with the ’90s rap-rock movement, 311 eludes easy categorization. Their sound combines hard rock, funk and reggae into a potent music cocktail.

The band’s first album, Music, debuted in 1993, but it was the hit single “Do You Right” that brought 311 to the national stage. Their next release, Transistor, was a hit as well, but it was the 1997 album From Chaos that really broke through with the masses, reaching platinum status.

After that, the band continued to produce albums at a steady pace, each one garnering a larger and larger following. In 2009, the group released Uplifter, an album described by frontman Nick Hexum as their heaviest work to date. With sly ska riffs, dueling guitar solos in the Santana style and neohippie lyrics, this record is truly eclectic.


The band was formed in the late ’80s in Omaha, Nebraska. They released a few independent albums, including Dammit! and Unity before signing with Capricorn Records. Their 1995 self-titled LP was a breakthrough success, going triple platinum. The album’s singles “Down” and “All Mixed Up” hit modern rock radio charts.

In 1999, the group went back into the studio to record the album Soundsystem. The album’s first single, “Come Original” reached #6 on Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks. The following year, 311 recorded their fourth cd, Transistor. It reached #4 on the Billboard chart.

The band has produced thirteen studio albums, two live albums, four compilation albums, and four EPs. 311 has also released a home video, titled Enlarged to Show Detail 2 and a live concert DVD. In 2003, Nick Hexum’s younger brother Zack Hexum joined the band on a saxophone. The band has performed with ska legends The English Beat, rap kingpin Snoop Dogg, and feel-good vibe merchants Sublime With Rome.


Over the course of eleven albums and twenty-five years, 311 (pronounced three-eleven) has proved to be one of the most sonically diverse bands of all time. They’ve strayed from straight-up alternative rock to some more diffuse offshoots of it, they’ve dabbled with rap and funk and reggae, and they’ve even done a few heavier, harder things along the way.

311 is currently touring with Dirty Heads and Slightly Stoopid for what they call a hybrid tour of “alternative sound and good vibes.” The Omaha band’s thirteenth album, Voyager, was released this year.

To celebrate the release, they’re putting on livestream shows this fall that highlight various albums in their discography. The first two shows will showcase 311’s 1995 LP Music and 1994’s Grassroots. Other concerts will feature their breakthrough 1997 LP Transistor and their 1999 album, Soundsystem. 311 is also working on a new studio album. It’s been 32 years since their first independent EP, Downstairs, and they haven’t slowed down at all.

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